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Welcome to Mead, Nebraska

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Village of Mead, population 564. The Village Office’s hours are: Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

The Village has a mayor-council type of government and our Village Board meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month. Notice is posted at three public places in Mead. Any individual is welcome and encouraged to attend. If you wish to be placed on the agenda, please contact the Village Office at least 24 hours before the meeting.

The Village Marshall is Chief Jerry Carlson at 624-2056. If you are in need of immediate police assistance please dial 911 or call the Saunders County Sheriff dispatch at 443-1000.

Fire and Rescue
Joel Konecky, Fire Chief and Ken Leifeld, Rescue Captain head the Mead Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department. For non-emergency assistance, leave a message at 624-3610. For a fire or rescue emergency, dial 911 or call the Saunders County Sheriff dispatch at 443-1000.

Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) supplies electricity, at 402-359-2254. Aquila supplies natural gas at 800-357-9371. Alltel Communications number is 800-605-8223. Cable Television installation and information can be obtained by calling TelePartners at 1-888-695-3250 or 712-644-3404. High-speed internet access is available through Microlink and Alltel.

Water and Sewer
John Haag, Utilities Superintendent, handles water and sewer. For utilities questions, call the Village Office at 624-2495. To install service, a deposit of $50.00 is required and is refunded once you have a current payment history for 24 continuous months, or upon moving from the Village.

Keys to the dump are no longer available through the Village Office. You must contact a Village Trustee or John. Please call during normal work hours.

Water and sewer services are billed monthly. Water meters are normally read on the last Tuesday of the month. Bills are sent out by the first calendar day of the month. Payment is due the 15th of each month. After this date, water/sewer accounts are considered delinquent, will be assessed a $10.00 late fee and subject to disconnection of service. If service is disconnected, all past due amounts and late fees, plus a $50.00 re-connection fee will need to be paid prior to restoration of service.

Payment may be made at the Village Office, Bank of Mead, by mail, placed in the black depository box outside of the Village Office or you can arrange a Bank of Mead bank draft for the payment amount to be automatically withdrawn on the 15th of each month.

Vera Kuhr is the librarian. Their number is 624-6605. The library has computers (with internet and printers), copier and fax machine.

Residents of the Village have two options concerning garbage disposal. Arrange for pick-up through: Waste Connections at 800-279-7511 / 402-721-7511 or
Quality Disposal at 402-642-9200.

Recycling bins are located behind the community building on 4th Street. Yard waste, branches, etc. may be placed in the dump truck or trailer located next to the recycling bins. No plastic bags or non-burnable material is permitted.
Please refrain from blowing and raking your leaves and grass clippings into the street. They get washed into the storm sewers and cause clogged pipes, poor drainage and water backup.

Trees, which overhang streets and sidewalks, must be kept trimmed. A minimum of 8-foot clearance over sidewalks and streets is required for proper snowplow and vehicle traffic as well as pedestrian traffic.

After a snowfall of 2 inches or more, please remove any vehicles from the streets in order to expedite the snow removal process. Any vehicles that are not removed from the street within 24 hours will be ticketed and/or towed.

Pet licenses
All dogs and cats must be licensed with the Village. Dogs must be kept under restraint (leashed or fenced). Accompanied by a current rabies certificate, licenses are purchased at the Village Office. License fees are as follows: spayed females and neutered males – $3.00; intact males and females – $5.00. Proof of spaying and neutering is also required. New tags are available in April and considered delinquent and subject to a “failure to license” ticket after May 1st.
If an animal is impounded for running at large, the owner is responsible for an impoundment fee and boarding fees before the animal is released.

Building permits
A building permit is required to erect, enlarge or alter a structure including houses, garages, storage sheds, porches, new sidewalks, fences, decks and patios. You may pick up an application for a building permit at the Village Office. The Planning Commission reviews the applications at their regular meeting on the last Monday of the month. The building permit fee schedule and zoning regulations are available for examination at the Village office. The fee can be doubled if work is started without a permit.

Village facilities for rent
Meeting rooms in the Community Building are available for rent. The fee is $10 for the small meeting room only, $15 for the kitchen only and $100 for the main room. An additional deposit of $75 is required and is refunded to Mead residents after inspection of the building. Contact the Village Office if you would like to reserve one of these rooms for your functions.

We have a Catholic Church, Covenant Church and Lutheran Church in town. Why not visit one of these on Sunday? It is not only good for your spiritual life, but is it a good way to develop relationships within the community.

Newspapers received in this area are the local Wahoo Newspaper, Omaha World Herald, Lincoln Journal Star and Fremont Tribune.

The Mead Messenger is also published each month. This is a newsletter from the Mead Village Board to the Village residents. It is distributed with the Mead Public Schools monthly newsletter to each household within the school district. During the summer months, the newsletter is mailed to Village residents only.

We welcome questions, suggestions, comments or complaints, as we wish to make your stay in the Village a pleasant one.