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Great Local Organizations

Small towns are only as great as the organizations and people who serve in those groups. Mead has many terrific organizations that serve the community’s needs. Visit the organizational chart for a list of groups and contact points. Contact us if your organization would like to provide more information about their meetings, mission, and projects.

  • Organizational Chart
  • Business List

Youth play an important role in Mead and a scholarship program has been established to reward young community leaders.  

  • Youth Leadership Scholarship
  • Volunteer Hours timesheet
  • Project Ideas
  • Partnership Agreement

Mead Betterment Group and the Nebraska Community Improvement Program.  Residents have actively looked for ways to improve the quality of life in Mead and participate in an annual statewide competition to showcase the efforts. 

Visit the:

  • 1999 NCIP Agenda
  • Submission Book Table of Contents
  • Photos of the judge’s visit